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Contemporary Theology Group

The Canterbury Contemporary Theology Group started life in the 1990s as a meeting to help Methodist students think about their faith.  From being an in-house gathering it has grown to become an ecumenical forum for theological discussion, valued by lay people and clergy from a variety of churches in Canterbury and beyond. Its meetings are open to all who are interested in honest, lively discussions on contemporary themes in theology and religion.  Over the years it has attracted speakers as eminent as Rowan Williams and John Bell, along with several ex-Presidents of the Methodist Conference, Leslie Griffiths, Frances Young, and Barbara Glasson.  The committee responsible for inviting speakers is ecumenical but it always contains at least one Methodist, and the group remains part of St Peter’s outreach.   
CTG meetings are held in the church at 7.30 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month, from January to June. There is a charge of £5 at the door so that we can give each speaker an honorarium and cover their expenses. (People in full-time education and on benefits free.)  If speakers give their permission their talks are live-streamed and recorded.  They can be accessed from the church and CTG websites.  
A list of meetings can be found on the CTG website.