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Music at St. Peter's

A photo of the organ at St. Peter's Methodist Church, Canterbury

Music at St. Peter's presents chamber music concerts, usually once a month on a Saturday evening, from September to May.  The doors are opened at 6.45 pm and there is soon a buzz of excitement as a stream of people comes in either clutching tickets or asking to buy them at the door. Before we know it, it's 7.30 and the Church is almost full. Time to turn down the lights, sit back and be entertained by yet another brilliant group of musicians.

These excellent concerts are held about 9 times a year, the musicians being of National and International standard of Championship and Premiership Class to borrow a Football analogy.

So why do we do it?  When the Church buildings were comprehensively reconstructed and refurbished about 18 years ago we concieved the idea that we had been very successfully spending money on ourselves and as Methodists that is absolutely what we are not about!  The New facilities surely must be made available to the Community at large for a wide variety of activities so that we can be as inclusive as possible.  One of the ways we can outreach to the Community is by presenting via a separate Charity closely linked to the Church a series of very high quality Music concerts at very affordable prices.  We have successfully persuaded a lot of people to become Season Ticket members and through the subscriptions and modest charges for entrance on the night of the Concerts we have been able to fund the purchase of a good piano and to employ professional musicians to present the best quality music that can be experienced locally.

The music is designed to appeal to all ages but the concerts have been particularly valued by those who perhaps live alone on slender means and enjoy a Saturday night outing.  There they will meet up with other members and make contact as a community.

The details of the current season and series of concerts can be accessed via the Music at St Peters website www.musicatstpeters.org.uk or by contacting the Church Office on 01227 459449.  

All are welcome!