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Ichthus is St. Peter’s group for students and young adults. 

We serve Christ Church, University of Kent and University of the Creative Arts.

We are an inclusive and diverse mixture of students from Kent and also young adults working and living in Canterbury.

We come from many kinds of churches, communities, and backgrounds to explore our faith or the possibility of faith together. 

Friends of all faiths or none are welcome!

We meet socially on Mondays at one of the many pubs in Canterbury and on Thursdays at 8pm in the upper room at St. Peter's. 

Join us for spiritual discussion, as well as film nights, Bible study and much more!

Previously we have explored a myriad of spiritual gifts through creative workshops, studied the Lord’s Prayer and other “famous” prayers in the Bible, dug into the book of Jonah, and considered Jesus' radical claims about his divinity, as well, pancake parties, quiz nights, to name a few.

We have enjoyed home-cooked lunches after Sunday morning services, generously provided by our “term-time parents” in the church community.

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For more information, news, and events, find us on Facebook or contact Deacon Joy Everingham for more details.

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(Ichthus is the ancient Greek word for fish. It was used as a symbol by the early church as the letters form an acronym for "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour")


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